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Process automation and Compliance

Apache has developed a series of solutions that help organisations address the following areas

Apache Risk Radar
Compliance and Risk Management

  • Compliance (Document Management)
    • A solution to managed controlled documents.
  • Document review solution.
    • A solution to manage the approval or review of new policies & procedures
  • Complaints & Suggestions
    • A closed loop complaint handling solution
  • NDIS Plan Management Documentation Audit
  • Medication Incident Management
  • Corrective actions Solution
    • Form register workflow and reports
  • Blue/Yellow card management.
  • Incident reporting
  • Property inspections
  • Risk Management
Compliance and Risk Management

Health Safety and Environmental Solutions

  • Risk Management
    • A site to capture record and report on Risk
  • Inspections Solutions
    • Work areas, Vehicle Inspections, Equipment inspections,
  • Job Safety and Environmental Analysis Solutions
    • Used to manage risk in relation to workplace Hazards
  • Site Inductions
    • Used to manage site and workplace inductions

Apache Autoflow
Process Automation Solutions

  • Employee Onboarding
    • A task allocation solution to manage the onboarding of new employees
  • Purchase Requisitions
    • A purchase approval solution based on approval limits.
  • Leave Management
    • A leave management solution with calendar and scheduling board integration.
  • Contracts Management
  • Credit Card Application Management
    • A Credit card approval workflow with printing
  • New Ingredient Approval Workflow
  • New Packaging Approval workflow
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Customer Engagement

“Templated sales, customer engagement and field service solutions based on the Dynamics 365 platform, that help to manage client relationships, sales processes and customer service.”